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(via Adventures in Very Recent Evolution - An explanation of Asian flush


"Dat ass"

This just made me audibly LOL


"Dat ass"


This just made me audibly LOL


The Intellectual Snobbery of Conspicuous Atheism

Beyond the argument that faith in God is irrational—and therefore illegitimate.

Read more. [Image: Waiting for the Word/The Atlantic]

What?? You gotta watch The Warriors! It’s one of those movies that if you watch, you’ll understand, like, 70% more hip hop lyrics…
Me to my friend Faye, who has been a backpacking hip hop head since high school & never seen The Warriors
African Americans are in stories about crime, sports, entertainment. Latinos in immigration. Native Americans and Asian Americans apparently don’t contribute to the fabric of our lives.

"His weapon was his camera, that will spread the truth everywhere." - Kareem Hassan, friend of Photographer Ahmad Samir Assem, who filmed this above video. (via Did This Egyptian Photographer Film His Own Death by Sniper Fire? - Olga Khazan - The Atlantic)

This Saturday I spent hopping from awesome crib to awesome crib. Which tends to happen when I hang with my more hip Amelionaire friends from my time living on Amelia in Eola Heights in Orlando. Other than all those friends being a GREAT time to hang with (I met most of them being the loud, dancing Asian in a dive bar so obviously these people are good times) but all of them have AWESOME taste. In music, clothes and definitely in interiors.

First I crashed Friday night at the Derel’s (Started at the Bottom picture). Also called Highland North (I used to live across the street from them in Orlando in their Highland House), their place is pretty nice. At least the parts where Evan (of bread factories fame) has put his stuff, haha. You can see in that bottom picture, from left to right, their Ikea hack for a DJ set up (Grandpa Staxx, one of the roommates, spins records), one of 2 Tom Dickson chaises (couches? loveseats?), weed & brew with a Supreme ashtray and last but not least, Dr. Derel aka Evan grinding in his lounge wear. No seriously. He’s holding a coffee grinder for some fancy chemex coffee. One day I’ll take better pictures of their place. Evan has a good collection of art, records, sneakers and all around crap that has been well curated by him. As for the other roommates IIIII think Anthony (aka Cat Daddy) has a Sylvester Stallone framed picture somewhere.

My architect friend Jenny (aka Chips) is branching out into Design and I have total faith in her! She’s the hot redhead in the middle flic. Here’s her fancy new business card (I wish this gif was big enough so you could check my Marge Simpson paint on that thumb. Also, one day I’ll really clean my iPhone lens before taking pictures):


Total Patrick Bateman moment.


Since I’ve moved to NYC I’ve seen her live in 2 cribs and both were awesome. Her first was in a warehouse-y building in Bushwick where she had hiiigh ceilings and direct rooftop access.  Essentially their rooftop was their backyard and I say back yard because it was bigger than most (all?) NY apartments. I’ve been to many an awesome party at that lovely place, the time where I wrestled fireworks from my burly friend Anthony and puked in the snow on that rooftop being one of my proudest moments.

Alas, things fall apart and now she’s in an EVEN NICER crib in Williamsburg. Although it has little to no room for a shit show to happen (cue audience sad-noise) its beautiful and is the middle picture. Check from left to right, Staxx’s sailor striped elbows; the shelving they painted & installed with their colourful collection of books, records, record player and nice speakers that go with a story about an obnoxious salesman during Hurricane Sandy; Gunmetal Grey Fox of a husband, Bryan; and Jenny in the kitchen making us dranks. This new place is definitely newer & nicer in a building with a theater & billiards room, which we have already taken advantage of. I didn’t puke at that party but I did bitch slap Staxx while we all watched the LCD Soundsystem in the theater, so the parties are classier now.

The top picture is at one of Jenny’s client’s places near the NYC courthouse. This place had TONS of amazing art (he does the Middle Eastern art for some museum or something? I’m a horrible friend that listens to nothing). Again, a tiny picture that doesn’t do this place justice (also thanks for not mentioning how this trio of pictures are horribly cropped & aligned, I was a *little* hungover on my iPhone) but Jenny did an amazing job styling the place. I helped open some boxes so Bryan & Jenny could install speakers throughout the place. I’d love to say I was a great friend that chipped their nails crushing cardboard for free but I got some delicious Indian food and spotted on a cash only brunch earlier, so an even trade. 

I won’t say “grow up” but I will say it’s a little surreal that as you get “mature” your friends & you become adults in various places. Meeting all my Amelionaires, I figured we were all life-long low-lifes, aiming fireworks at each other’s houses and watching The Wire. Now Bryan & Jenny are real married people with careers. Even Dr. Derel has an awesome girlfriend and nice crib. Some of us are still figuring shit out (hello me, as I’m writing this between looking for a job) but going to weddings and seeing people have big boy careers and babies…its awesome and unexpected. We’re all gangsters that get old and fat and move to Florida…except in reverse.

RIP The Sweatables

So let’s face it, to the 2 people that read my tumblr, The Sweatables has been more or less abandoned. At first I started it as a blog to post things I like, thus the name. But then I didn’t want it to be just another tumblr of visual internet vomit. The tumblr dashboard is so never ending and overwhelming that it’s really not a good way to follow a blog & I just didn’t want to add to that.

There was a time where The Sweatables was a great hobby. When I began I posted more than once a day. Mostly just a simple picture or link but once in a while I’d write something. Don’t laugh, but on my 3rd month of doing this shit I even made Tumblr’s “The Tumblette’s” & was featured by Tumblr. This was before they had their, “follow fridays” or whatever it is. Obviously fame and fortuned followed. *cough*

I even heavily got into customizing my “theme” (basically the design of the page, for those of you who have lives and don’t give a shit about tumblr or know the “lingo”). I went out of my way to make it simple looking, but as it aged it looked effed up on certain browsers (looking at you netscape & IE) and looked bad when I tried to add videos & pictures in the “caption” of an uploaded video or picture. I wasn’t too motivated to fix these things though.

So now we come to this. I’ve decided to just opt for the simple Esquire theme, which my Alotta Cash tumblr has been using from day 1. I’ll leave the designing to the professionals…at least until I get inspired (read: gassed) enough to to try it again. Other than being free (which is the most important reason I choose it) I’ve always liked the art direction of Esquire magazine. It finds a way to make a lot of different styles look really cohesive, rather than messy. I kind of like that it’s not SUPER simple. Flat screens, ornate picture frames, primary colours…these are things I’d like in my place, so why not on my Tumblr?

I’ve also given up on “The Sweatables” idea. I figure I’ll leave my Pinterest for all the bullshit I covet. Just a plain old, self-absorbing blog. BACK TO THE CLASSICS.

(via Disrupting the Infamy Game: How to Change the Coverage of Mass Shootings - The Atlantic, an in-depth look at how notoriety motivates shooters)

"Everytime we see intense coverage of a mass murder, we expect to see 1 or 2 more copycats within a week." - Dr. Park Dietz, Forensic Psychiatrist

Let’s face it. Guns are part of this country. As much as I’d like there to be no guns in the States or the world, I’d also like peace on Earth and to shit gold, but it’s not going to happen. But maybe there’s a way to stop why shooters do what they do rather than just how. We all love to write off these criminals as wack jobs that we’ll never understand, but understanding them is the only way we’ll ever prevent another shooting.

Join me today in positive vibes to victims silently…other than this Tumblr post that you’re currently reading (ha). Don’t watch news coverage. Don’t talk about it. What’s happened, happened and the only way we can prevent this kind of thing from reoccurring is pressuring the media to make changes in how they portray these shootings. Take away the infamy that comes with a shooting and you take away the motivation for a crazy person to do it.

  1. Don’t start the story with sirens blaring
  2. Don’t show any photographs of the killer(s)
  3. Don’t make this 24/7 coverage
  4. Don’t make the body count the lead story
  5. Don’t make the killer an anti-hero
  6. Localise this story to the affected community and make it sound as boring as possible in every other market.

Pressuring the media to abide by these simple rules (seriously 1-5 are totally do-able) could maybe prevent the next shooting? Ron Burgandy?


Today’s Most Awesome Tumblr: ‘Arrested Development’ Meets Mitt Romney

The amazing Tumblr Lucille and Mitt has been around for some time, but it’s only now coming to our attention. The idea is simple: Superimpose actual quotes from Mitt Romney, the teetotaling Republican candidate often accused of being out of touch with ordinary people, over pictures of Lucille Bluth, the vodka-swilling, laughably out-of-touch Arrested Development character. The results are surprisingly convincing.

[Images: Lucille and Mitt]

This actually makes him more likable to me…


You may or may not already know my stance on the subject, but I had to post these.


A Glimpse Into New York’s Lovely Abandoned Subway Station

The forgotten City Hall station was the original terminal of New York’s subway system. It opened on the evening of October 27, 1904, along with 27 other Interborough Rapid Transit (I.R.T.) stations up to 145th Street on the west side. The inauguration began with a private ride conducted by Mayor George McClellan and ended with a fascinated public standing in awe of the strange new technology.

Read more. [Image: John-Paul Palescandolo and Eric Kazmirek]

always wanted to visit this. WHO’S COMIN WITH ME??

This has to be one of the best Triumph Take On’s ever. Listen for the 1-800-EMPIRE shout out. Central Florida, baby!


GIF: algebraicjake | Video: Jack McBrayer & Triumph Take On Chicago’s Weiner’s Circle

When I laugh at DMX rough crying about his mom never saying “I love you.”


At least there will be good company. 

(via teamcoco)

  • Me: ...& look at dude looking all sorts of white middle age man. How does he get these girls? Like you know I think he's hot but hes totally normal, average guy hot. Not ACTUALLY hot.
  • Celina Ramos: He looks like Nicolas fucking Cage in that ghost rider motorcycle movie. Without the cool fire head.
  • Me: i mean, i would LOVE to be all sorts of locked up in that cage. Singing Akon. And I dont even LIKE Akon. Looooocked up! Don't let me out!
  • Celina Ramos: Hahahahahaha.
  • Me: i cant hate, theyve been together for years *slow claps*
  • Celina Ramos: I'm not even mad, I'm impressed
  • Me: the brothers love me too. My last 2 bfs were black dudes from harlem.
  • Celina Ramos: It's true. You have a gift...or two. I'm talkin' 'bout yer boobs
  • Me: hahahaha amazing
  • Celina Ramos: I'm just calling it like I see it.